Thursday, June 21, 2012

Possible Yeti Sighting in Brazil

Crazy Cliff-Jumping Yetis, Batman!

What is that?

While I can neither confirm or deny that this is indeed a yeti, it must be noted that yetis need vacations, too. This one was spotted in 2007, in the trippy region of Chapada dos Veadeiros that, according to NASA, is the brightest place on earth [as seen from space] due to the tons of crystals in that area. That is the only explanation for the quality of this picture (unless the yeti had some sort of camera-deflecting force field).

On the other hand, this pic would seem to back up the Portuguese Chapadas wikipedia page that states that this is the best place in the state to see unidentified flying objects.

It could go both ways.

I guess we'll never know...

Batman Comic Generator found here.


  1. As a native Pacific Northwesterner, I can say that that isn't a Yeti, but it's a pretty fun picture :)

  2. Ha! But you can't deny it's an unidentified flying object!

    I'll never identify her. ;)

    Glad you like it, Amanda. :) Good to see you!


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