The Brazilian Texas

The Brazilian state of Goiás (or the "Brazilian Texas," as it is known in Brazil) is unlike anything you've seen in the media.

Meanwhile, back at the fazenda...

I would like to expand the reader's view of Brazil (beyond Rio, São Paulo, soccer, Carnaval, samba, and VS models) by introducing the gem that is Goiás, a state rich in biodiversity and natural beauty; while giving any insider's tips I can.

If only I would have had a manual or CliffsNotes on how to navigate the cultural quirks & inherent differences that can make for major party fouls... It would have made life a whole lot easier! Since I couldn't save face for myself, I'd like to do what I can for the next unsuspecting expat. Although helping everyone else avoid these pitfalls will undoubtedly leave me looking like the most dysfunctional foreigner ever, I'm glad to be of service. Let's just say that I took one for the team.

Here you can find tips on Portuguese vocabulary and pronunciation, cultural protocol, social etiquette, fashion firsts and/or flubs in Central Brazil, and hints on where to find things that you might not have thought twice about back home ...that in Wonderland (o país das maravilhas) could give Waldo a run for his money. It's my pleasure to share glimpses of day-to-day scenes, and little surprises of life in the "Brazilian Texas." I hope it encourages potential visitors to think outside the goggle-box, when planning a trip to Brazil.

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