Friday, June 22, 2012

Here's a Glimpse of Where We'll Be...

Here are some shots of our trips from the past few years.


That structure is where they clean the fish that are caught.

All decked out:
complete with an antenna for cell phone,
and a dish for TV signals...

A place to beat the midday heat...

To avoid having everything melt inside a tent,
a thatched hut structure keeps things cool.
It was built according to the path of the sun...

The time to dive into your tent
to avoid the swarms of mosquitoes...

The bright green structure is a bathroom with two separate
entrances: one side is the shower, the other is the toilet.
A sink & mirror are on the outer wall behind the shower.

The thatched structure to the far right houses the generators.

The large thatched structure in the middle is a TV room, adjacent
to the kitchen which is complete with a fridge, freezer, and oven...

A scene from the area...

Everything's bigger near Araguaia!
Moon rising @ 5:30 in the afternoon...

Tomorrow: Who We'll See...

To enlarge pics, right-click & open in a new window.


  1. Other than the mosquitos, it looks and sounds like a place to relax and refresh! Will look forward to reading your blog about your time away.

  2. Alisa,

    Thanks! It is, but there are many types of biting bugs that are around all day long.

    The best way to prevent bites is to get oiled down. You become too slippery to bite, and they squirm around, stuck in the oil. Once you are "full" of bugs, a quick dip in the river removes all traces of the pests.

    The worst is the sundown cloud of the type of mosquitoes that we are familiar with, known as "long legs" here. Those suckers are vicious!


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