Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graffiti in Goiânia - Cultural Icons

Graffiti is a telling glimpse into the youth culture. Here in Goiânia, there has been a surge in wall murals that are tributes to actors and singers. As entertainment becomes ever more globalized, the art depicting Brazilian artists is becoming noticeably outnumbered by that of international artists.

I ran across what appears to be a rendition of Marcelo Falcão, the lead singer of the Brazilian reggae/rock band named O Rappa [pronounced: "Oh Rah-pah"]. (At least, that's who the fogies I asked believe it is...) This mural is found on a stretch of road in the southwest neighborhood of Parque Anhangüera II.

O Rappa's song, "A Minha Alma," ("My Soul") is my favorite!

Check it out for yourself...

To enlarge pic, right-click and open in a new window.

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