Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here's an Idea of Who We'll See...

A trio of Roseate Spoonbills...

In Portuguese it's called a duck,
but in English it's known as an Orinoco Goose...

I'll show you the close-ups later...
See how big the Jaburus are compared to the boat?
That's a Black Skimmer passing by.

Bathing beauties...
A group of Saffron Finches...

A Burrowing Owl...

The ever-elusive Hoatzin, or "Neymar" as I like to call them...
(Just google "Neymar hairstyles" and you'll see why.)

A rare glimpse of the Great Black Hawk...

This little fish is known as the "Peixe-agulha," or Needlefish,
though it doesn't appear to have teeth like others by that name.
The ones I've seen are about 5 inches long.

I see you lookin' at me, lookin' at you...

Freshwater stingrays are everywhere.

FYI: When entering the river, you must shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on a stingray & getting a spike through your calf or foot.

I wonder who we'll see this year? Hopefully, I will be able to get a little closer to some of the more standoffish storks & herons. I still haven't seen a puma, although I did get some shots of its tracks through our camp on the first night of our last camping trip. (What a rush!)

I also finally captured a few shots of a freshwater dolphin last year, but they were only of a flipper! It looked like the boto was waving at me. I realized that they don't only toy with fishermen, but the paparazzi, as well. I will try my best to get a better pic this year.

It looks like this will be the last post until the third week of July. Feel free to explore the archives to see if there is something you missed. Comments won't show up right away, since they will only be moderated when I return. For those of you in the U-S-of-A, I hope you have a great & safe 4th!

See you soon!

To enlarge pics, right-click & open in a new window.


  1. I love your pics! Catch you upon your return!

  2. Thanks, Alisa! :)

    Hopefully I'll be able to see & document some additional creatures this year. ( ...or be able to get even closer to my old buds. ;] )

    See you in a few weeks!

  3. When you say puma do you mean Onça/Jaguar or a mountain lion?

    Can't wait for more pics!


  4. Hey, Chris!

    Since the Araguaia River is where the Cerrado & Amazon Basin meet, it could be either the cougar/mountain lion or the jaguar!

    Both are known as "onças," but the jaguar is more commonly known as the "onça-pintada" or "onça-verdadeira," whereas the cougar goes by several names including "puma, puma concolor, onça-parda, & leão-da-montanha."

    Most of the people who have seen a big cat around this region of Araguaia (near Bandeirantes, on the Mato Grosso/Goiás border) have seen the cougar. Although there are jaguars in this area, they are much harder to catch a glimpse of, for whatever reason...

    I wanna see both, but i'd be happy to see either/or... :]

    Catch you on the flip! :)


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