5 Facts for Foreigners

A Semi-Serious Series for Estrangeiros

Apparently, I'm the American female version of Balki.

Volume IFor That First Time Around the Block

Volume IIBeef Up on Bling, Christmas, Gestures & Geopolitical Nonsense

Volume IIIParty Etiquette: Fashion, Fouls, Festivities & Fun

Volume IVTips to Keep You Covered From Head to Toe

Volume VJuicy Tidbits For Foodies

Volume VIThe Gnarly Nature of Newscasts

Volume VIISurprises in the Supermarket & Detours to the Drugstore

Volume VIIIFun New Fishing Feats

Volume IXaCreepy Faux Faith Peeps (It Happens)

Volume IXbEncounters of the Not-So-Forthcoming Kind

Volume XDrink in These Beverage Tips

Volume XIPizza: Now You're Speaking My Language

Volume XII5 Kinds of Films Your Life Does and Does Not Resemble as an Expat

...and if you are interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese in 5 easy steps, check out this post:

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