Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wacky Haiku Wednesday IV

Today is a special occasion!
'Tis a holiday in Goiânia, and all over the city...
 ...everyone is resting. No one is busy.
Now you see why I stick to haiku.
I guess I'm giving you a twofer today: one really bad line of poetry and one pretty bad wacky haiku.
The city hasn't been this quiet in quite awhile. For those who live in Goiânia, and work in nearby towns, their only comfort is that each town will soon have its own birthday, er, holiday. That's right. Cities have birthdays here, and Goiânia is officially 79 years old.
I got to thinking that they should really implement city birthdays back home. Americans could certainly use an additional day off. Austin's birthday would be December 27th. It would guarantee an extra long Christmas holiday weekend for us Austinites. Of course, places like New York that don't have a definitive date, but more of a general year (or period of years), might have to just vote on a day that seems good to New Yorkers.
To honor this day appropriately, I composed a birthday haiku for the pretty city. Hold on to your party hats.

Image found here.

Here in Goiânia
é um feriado, viu?
Happy Birthday, G!

Goiânia is pronounced "Goy-ahn-nyuh."
É um feriado, viu? = It's a holiday, see?
  • é [pronounced: "eh"] means it's.

  • um [pronounced: "oom" as in zoom] means a.

  • feriado [pronounced: "feh-rdee-ah-doh"] means holiday.

  • viu [pronounced: similar to view (one syllable), but "vee-oo"] means see (got it / understand, etc.).

É is a form of the verb "ser" which means "to be," and is used for permanent conditions or characteristics. "Estar" also means "to be," but is used for transitory or passing states of things (nonpermanent characteristics).

See a quick explanation & chart here.

For example:

Eu sou uma mulher. Ele é um homem. Nós somos pessoas.
I am a woman. He is a man. We are people.

Those are permanent facts. Right?

Eu estou com fome. Ela está com sede. Nós estamos felizes.
I am hungry. She is thirsty. We are happy.

These things can change from moment to moment.

More on the pronunciations for these sentences later... Right now, I need to congratulate someone on looking so good for "her" age.

Parabéns, Goiânia!



  1. I liked your poetry, what a cute little ditty.
    Sounds like its peaceful in your little city.

    Holidays are fun
    Going to party all day
    Happy Birthday G

    1. Someone is a poet, and she knows it!

      Love the team spirit, and the way you show it!


    2. I tinker with poetry,
      Have since a child.
      Mainly little ditties
      Unless my brain goes wild!
      Then I create a masterpiece,
      At least it is to me.
      Words inspired by God
      To open my eyes to see!

    3. Nice!!! :)

      You should add a page to your blog where you can publish your poems, or just make that a regular feature.

    4. Although I made it sound like a lot, I have only written a few. I may consider putting them on my blog.


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