Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wacky Haiku Wednesday III

Let's keep going with our adventures in code-switching!
Any idea what a cross between Portuguese & English is called?  Portuglish?  Engliguese?

Either way, we are sailing right along.
Destination: Port Eng
Image found here.
 By the way, for those of you who are averse to puns, feel free to penalize me with a noogie per pun, in case we meet in person one day. ;) There. Now I'm guilt free.

Weigh anchor, shipmates. We're off!

Que divertido!
(...a fun, but renegade path,
eu concordo.)


"Que divertido!"  =  "What fun!" ... or   "How fun!"
  • Que [pronounced: "key"] means what.
  • divertido [pronounced: "jee-vehr-chee-doh"] means fun.

"Eu concordo." = "I agree."
  • Eu [pronounced: "ay-yo"] means I.
  • concordo [pronounced: "cone/cohn-core-doh"] means agree.
I hope ye enjoyed this trip on th' high seas o' fun, tho we did come a wee close t' crackin' up on th' shores o' insanity. `Tis all in good fun, tho, an' I wager that we be sailin' straight enough t' eliminate any learnin' curve.
Can you tell I missed out on International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year? Ye nay be sure ye signed up fer this, arrrr ye? Don`t ye worry. Me inner searfarin' hearty only surfaces but a few times a voyage. [That'd be a year for you landlubbers.]
 Until the next one, mateys...


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