Monday, May 7, 2012

Teeth Impressions - Serra da Mesa

It could take a month to capture the rows of teeth that line Lago de Serra da Mesa.

The "gullet" (valleys between the points of the teeth) as well as the "set" (the amount of bend of a saw tooth) vary from place to place within the expanse of the 689 square miles now covered by Serra da Mesa, the largest reservoir by volume in Brazil.

Here are a few more examples of the horizon on "Table Saw Lake."

Somewhere in the middle of the lake, amongst the islands...

Just after sundown...

Abstract Sunset - courtesy of a bobbing boat.

(To enlarge pics, right-click and open in a new window.)


  1. I love the Abstract Sunset. Sure hope the bobbing boat has more pics to come.

  2. Rest assured, Bob provided many alternatives to my original vision. :)

    It was on this trip that i learned to embrace the bob... be one with the bob, etc.


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