Saturday, February 25, 2012

Newfound Friend in Fortaleza

(To enlarge, right-click and open in a new window.)


  1. so cute!! i love taking pictures of interesting looking creatures! My husband gives me such a hard time about it, but i can never resist!

  2. Amanda ~

    The top pic was his "now I'm invisible" pose - either that, or he's an old tourist pro. "Okay, lady, I'll give you 5 minutes."

    You would have seriously thought he was adorable, as he hunched down into the sand, staring right back.

    This is the very first crab that has never run away from me at full speed!

    Can you tell i'm in love? ;)

  3. Stephanie ~

    I can never resist, either!

    My man gives me a hard time, too... but he recently said that he didn't realize that all of the times he has hassled me, it was only because i could see something he couldn't see - until he saw the pics later. :)

    That's progress! :D

    Keep doing your thing, girl. They'll come around eventually. ;)

  4. Neat capture!

    It reminds me this one -

  5. Thanks, K!

    I remember that one! It was better at blending in with its surroundings than this one. :D


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